OnBrand Podcast Interview with Nick Westergaard “It’s a call to arms for leaders to find their truth. Twenty or 30 years ago, you could agree that business did not have to be connected to society.” Click here to listen to Alberto’s interview with Nick Westergaard on OnBrand Podcast


MediaFeed Article Feature “Are you a ‘connecting leader?’ Here are the 5 key roles” The connecting leader in today’s new normal business world is critical to company success, but how ready are companies to adopt and fully integrate the connecting leader role? Click here to read about The Connecting Leader as featured on MediaFeed.


Kirkus Book Review

“A thorough, incisive account of the changing moral landscape of business.” Read here, The Connecting Leader has been reviewed by Kirkus, one of the most high profile book reviewers in the world.


Forbes Feature: Top 6 Business Books to Add to Your Holiday Reading List

“As consumers gain more power in the business-consumer dynamic, it pays to analyze how some of the world’s largest companies have created value through their brands.” Read here, The Connecting Leader has been rated one of the top Business Books this holiday season by Forbes.


The Connecting Leader Book Launch

“Alberto made the case for leaders to find the truth in their business’ mission in order to succeed in an evolving society demanding new values from its companies and leaders.” On November 21st Michael Hayman of We Are Seven Hills, interviewed Alberto on the launch of The Connecting Leader. Read the feature here, to watch a video of the interview please click here.


Author Hour Episode: Alberto Lopez Valenzuela

“The main idea of the book is about challenging the status quo and having the courage to do the right thing. It’s about looking at the role that business plays in society today to connect with stakeholders in a meaningful and authentic way, and create more economic and social value”. Listen to the podcast to find out how Connecting Leaders make a difference today.


Connecting Leaders with a new book - Cass Business School Feature

“Alberto Lopez Valenzuela (MBA, 2001)  has a strong relationship with Cass School of Business, from earning his Executive MBA here, to being a visiting professor and hosting talks at Cass, and has spent more than 25 years working in business information and analysis.”

Read The Connecting Leader feature from Cass Business School